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When A Longer Leg Creates Back Pain

Yes that’s right. Many people suffer from back pain, thinking it is a big problem, but in reality all there is to it is that one leg is longer than the other one. And if that is the case, as it is in about 83% of people, not necessarily always causing back pain, there is a very simple technique to correct this.

But let me explain first what a difference in leg length can mean for your body. Just imagine what happens when you constantly walk on 2 different long legs without limping, which means you don’t feel that you walk on different long legs. But your body does. And particularly your hip does. The hip of the longer leg. Because that hip constantly gets “hit” harder than the other hip when walking. Just like a constant hammering would knock out any substantial structure your hip will change its position after some time. Now that time is very different and can take years in one person, months in another. But what it does is it changes the position of your hip and ultimately of your sacrum. So it is not in balance anymore and cannot provide a stable base for the spine. When the spine is not sitting on a strong foundation it becomes more vulnerable to “unhealthy” movement which ultimately can cause your back pain. Anywhere along the spine or in the sacral area. Do you realize how important it is to have even legs? And which problems it can cause when you don’t have balanced legs?

But as I mentioned in the beginning there is an easy exercise you can do to try and balance your leg length. This exercise is part of a technique, called Dorn Spinal Therapy, a german technique to relieve back and neck pain without the use of manipulation, cracking or drugs.

In Dorn Spinal Therapy the understanding behind different long legs is that the joints in the lower limbs are not connected properly, therefore creating a gap in the joint which result in a leg length discrepancy. Following logic understanding we have to reconnect the joints in order to balance the legs which means we “shorten” the longer leg, moving the bone back into the joint socket. And here is how you can do this on yourself:

1. The hip joint, the most affected joint. You can lie down or stand straight holding on to a chair or table to make sure you are stable. Bring one leg into a 90 degree angle, place your hand under the buttocks, just where the hip joint sits. Now pull up as if you were lifting your leg into the joint, and then move it as if you were riding a bike. Forward and down, a flowing movement, a quarter circle.

2. The knee joint: bring one leg forward so you can bend the knee in a comfortable position. Place both your hands on top of the knee, apply pressure on to it and straighten it keeping the pressure up.

3. The ankle joint: just stand on one foot and rock back and forth. Watch your balance.

So it is all about screwing the bones back into the joint sockets. And of course because you don’t know which leg is the longer one and which joint is causing the problem you should do both legs and each joint. Repeat every exercise 3 times and various times during the day. Hopefully this will help your back pain. If not consult a Dorn Spinal Therapist in your area and they will take a closer look at your problem and advise you on more exercises.

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About the Author

Barbara Simon is a Natural Therapist, trained in Germany, and specialising in Dorn Spinal Therapy. In 2000 Barbara moved to Australia with her family where she introduced Dorn Spinal Therapy not only as a therapist but also as a successful trainer in Dorn Spinal Therapy for health care practitioners. Apart from Dorn Spinal Therapy she also studied Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Ear acupuncture and Bach flowers.

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